When you rent one of the private beach homes at Estate Zootenvaal, you will be living in a slice of serenity that is unique to our Caribbean experience. Our private rental homes will provide the foundation for your relaxing and rejuvenating vacation. St. John is one of the most protected and undeveloped islands in the Caribbean Sea; Estate Zootenvaal will let you absorb the natural beauty and “old-island” experience that this unique island presents.  Whether you spend your time lounging on some of the most private and protected beaches in the Caribbean or hiking and exploring the Virgin Islands National Park to discover secluded, breathtaking views, our private homes will become your space for rest, rejuvenation, and reflection once you arrive on St. John. There are four private homes available for rent at Estate Zootenvaal. The homes are on each situated on our private beach on the west side of Coral Bay on the east end of St. John in the US Virgin Islands. Each of the homes has a porch that overlooks Coral Bay as well as private bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. While the serenity of Estate Zootenvaal is rooted in a bygone era of cool ocean breezes, open windows, and an off-the-grid sense of seclusion, each of our homes has wifi internet connectivity and two of the homes are air conditioned. Our four private rental homes each have their own features, amenities, and personalities. Learn more on each home's page: Turtle Watch Mangrove  Spinnaker  Sunrise